Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uhuru Highway...again

In this post, I expressed the hope that following the re-carpeting of Uhuru Highway, the contractors would smooth out the 'bumps' that have effectively been created at every junction where there is a height difference between the old and new layers of tarmac. To date this has not occurred.

I am sincerely hoping it won't be the case but I am increasingly starting to think that things are going to be left as they are. These bumps slow down traffic and create artificial bottlenecks. One thing we really, really do not need on our city centre roads is more bottlenecks.

My fingers are crossed that this will be addressed soon as it would be totally infuriating if having taken away one source of traffic jams by fixing the road, the powers that be introduce another in the form of these bottlenecks.

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