Friday, February 6, 2009

The Kenya We Want...The Kenya I Want....

Smart, creative, progressive, honest and competent management of all public institutions and public resources.

I think if we had that, the rest would gradually fall into place.

Anything I've missed out or that should be added?


  1. Though what you have said covers it all, I want to add some specifics of the Kenya I want.

    The Kenya I want, cannot accommodate either of the principles in the grand coalition government. There is no room for either!

    The Kenya I want, cannot stand to have 65 and 70 year old public servants calling themselves civil servants when our universities keep churning fresh graduates every year who end up jobless on the streets because some old people are occupying their positions in the guise of experience! Experience is good but so are innovativeness and creativity and we need those as well if not more.

  2. Kenyans are a hard working, enterprising and very goal oriented people. The Kenya I want is one where a conducive environment is created for us to put our efforts to work in a free and fair manner.

    And yes, minus the octogenarians.

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