Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Queue Question

This is not directly related to service but rather to one of the side effects of slow/inefficient service. The queue. 

I have but one question for my fellow Kenyan man (women too in some cases):

Why oh why my Kenyan brother must you insist on standing so close to me that I can virtually taste what you ate for breakfast/drank last night? 



  1. Typical Kenyan behaviour...we have no sense of personal space.

  2. Hey Sibbie. Welcome.

    I totally agree. I can even pinpoint the exact day I thought of this question..Saturday 11th October.

    Went to KCB VM and it was hell... The day after a public holiday, bank was packed, KCB were even slower than usual and the guy behind me in the queue seemed to be tired from partying hard the evening before because he smelled like a brewery and seemed that desperate to rest his chin on my shoulder.

    Its bad on normal days but on post bender days it is much much worse.

  3. Or refuse to open windows in public transport????

  4. There is no way I'll open a window in a high risk security area just to make you happy. No way, never, not on Tom Mboya street, Racecourse road, Accra road, no way, especially not in a nissan matatu, forget it. If you want an open window, sit next to one.