Friday, November 21, 2008

Just throw a bunch of technical sounding words no particular order.

Heard on Money Matters, NTV last night:

"DT Dobie has launched a new car into the Kenyan market...the Nissan Navarra, a pick-up brand with a 2.5 four litre cylinder and diesel turbo engine is a heavy duty howler that balances toughness and power". 


  1. :-)
    howler. As in a dog?

    Tx for passing by...

    Business reporting in Kenya has improved by TV has a looong way to go.

  2. ..or howler as in ludicrous blunder?

    I dunno. Maybe it has a noisy engine..

    Yeah, the business reporting on tv is terrible..but there is no reason it should be this bad. Let the stories be shallow, research be poor etc..but wrong grammar?..I would think the very first requirement when recruiting reporters, script writers and editors is good language and grammar.