Sunday, May 24, 2009


Having been through what I have been through in my journey to become successfully self employed I have decided that I really would like to do the following someday (possibly as my version of CSR):

Start a not-for-profit One Stop Business Resource, Advisory and Mentorship Centre.

I would like it to be a place where anyone interested in entrepreneurship can go to learn about doing business, get help creating a feasible business plan, get help finding funding for their business idea and get mentorship and guidance to assist them get their business up and running.

It would also have regular educational talks and seminars from professionals, bankers and business people to educate participants about doing business, business finances and other aspects of business.

It would have close ties to banks, prospective investors and venture capitalists to help good ideas find funding.

Perhaps it could be set up to have a fund (donor, government and/or corporate funded) to underwrite any loan defaults.

Perhaps it could also be set up to receive some percentage of successful businesses earnings (from 'graduates') for some period in order to pay for its operations and a commitment from proprietors of successful businesses to stay involved and also mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

etc etc.

The general idea is to have a place where potential entrepreneurs can get

1. Information (about all aspects of doing business)
2. Financing
3. Mentorship & Support

all under one roof.

That will be my CSR.

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