Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swagger Jacking 101.

The Urban dictionary defines swagger jacking as "stealing somebody else's ways, copying their swagger".

Look at the picture below.

Swagger Jacking?
The biscuit packet at the top of the 3 is McVitie's made by United Biscuits. The two below it are Manji and Britania, both made by FI Holdings House of Dawda.

Now I do not know whether the two entitites (United Biscuits and Dawda) are affiliated but either way I think that it is sad that Dawda have basically copied McVitie's brand identity. Is it really more beneficial for Dawda to market themselves as a McVitie's rip-off as opposed to create their own unique, tailor-made brand identity?


  1. I was reading a case from Kenya Law Reports (online) between the manufacturers of Blue Band Margarine (Unilever) and Gold Band Margarine (Bidco). The manufacturers of Blue Band Margarine felt that Bidco was infringing on their trademark by using 'band'! Granted the packaging is not similar unlike this Digestive scenario however it makes one wonder why use 'band'... The same goes for cooking fats; Kimbo (Bidco) and Kasuku(Kapa Oil Refineries) both start with 'K' and have similar blue and white packaging!?

  2. Turns out today is World Intellectual Property Day

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