Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Road that Corruption Built...

This is Kigwa Road/Ridgeways Road in Ridgeways. Sometime in 2006 or 2007, the NCC tendered for the rehabilitation of this road, along with recarpeting of Garden Estate Road.

The tender was won by a company called Rawford Ltd (or Rawford Construction). Early last year, they started work on the road.

They stripped the little tarmac that remained from the original road (prior to this, the road had not been touched or maintained in any way for over 25 years..it was a mess.)

They then levelled the track and brought in stones for the construction of the new road. Then all work stopped.

Now I hear that Rawford construction was unable to complete work in time and after numerous delays was stripped of the contract and it is going to be re-tendered. I also hear that the company belongs to or is associated with somebody who is/was in the City Council.

As someone jokingly said after driving over the road recently: "If you drive on that track regularly, bits will start falling off your car."

This is one small effect of the corruption, cronyism and nepotism that exists in our institutions. The NCC failed to take care of this road for years and years. And when they finally did do something about it, they were incapable of getting it right first time.

Perhaps it is time we Nairobi residents demanded the right to fix our own roads in lieu of paying land rates (currently illegal I believe). I am sure we would do better.

The NCC has proven itself a total failure. Let them concentrate on painting zebra crossings under footbridges and placing traffic lights where they are never used.

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