Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Safaricom Data Uh..oh

In my experience, the following is the normal usage experience with data networks in Kenya:

It starts out fine, works well for between 3-6 months then starts to slowly deteriorate until it reaches the point where I jump ship for the next package. 

This was the case with Flashcom and Celtel Edge. 

Having signed up with Safaricom 3 or so months ago and had 2 and abit months of trouble-free surfing, I have now noticed that little niggly problems starting to creep into the service. 

It has now taken to disconnecting itself from the network pretty regularly and failing to connect sometimes. 

So I'm wondering..is this the beginning of the end?

Update: Just keeps getting worse..disconnections keep getting more frequent...network just periodically keeps disappearing. I've never had great network reception but its always been largely stable. That reliability seems to have disappeared now. When are Yu kicking off again? 

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